Back again

I know I neglected my blog for a long time. But now I am back again with a new web address and a new layout (it still needs some tweaking, but I think it’s almost perfect for the beginning). My previous blog at was good for the start, but the WordPress blog software is far superior to Blogger and even for me as a complete noob concerning web design it did not take long too long to set the new blog up (okay, I went to bed at sunrise last night).

I hope you will like :-)



  1. HI Ferdinand,

    I’ve discovered your blog on blogger last december because I have some interests into photography. Precisely the Japanese one looks like by some sides very different from the western one (FYI I’m French) and here is my interest: to get a different way to capture life.
    Back to your blog, I was not expecting to see any up-grade and today here is the good news. Nevertheless from my memories, I think your previous blog showed more books, am I right?



  2. Hi David,
    like you I think that Japanese photography has a different view on reality, about which I plan to write something in the future.

    Concerning books, just have a look at the previous pages, all old entries are available. Actually I don’t have a concept about what to write. I just write about things which interest me. New on my blog is the “Now Reading” section and that most of the posts contain links to recommended books.



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