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Contemporary Book Award for “Yutaka Takanashi. Photography 1965-74” @Rencontres d’Arles

Last weekend I received the pleasant news that a photobook I am co-editor of won the Contemporary Book Award at the Rencontres d’Arles Festival 2010.

The Historical Book Award and The Contemporary Book Awards
The Historical Book Award goes to the best thematic book or monograph published between 1 June 2009 and 31 May 2010. The Contemporary Book Award goes to the best photography book published between 1 June 2009 and 31 May 2010. The Book Awards winners are chosen by the five Discovery Award nominators, Rencontres d’Arles president Jean-Noël Jeanneney, and LUMA Foundation founder Maja Hoffmann.

Yutaka Takanashi. Photography 1965-74
Yutaka Takanashi, Photography 1965 – 74
Editors: Roland Angst, Ferdinand Brueggemann, Priska Pasquer
Essays by Ferdinand Brueggemann and Hitoshi Suzuki
Published by Only Photography, Berlin
116 pages, 41 images, Triplex, hardcover, ed. 500
Text: German, English, Japanese
ISBN 978-3-9812537-2-6

As a member of the small Provoke collective, Takanashi was able to find a new theoretical approach and its visual language. The influence of this group and of the magazine on the photographic scene in Japan was immense. In the following years the Provoke photographers produced major works in terms of photographic history, whereby Yutaka Takanashi defined the high point as well as the end of this era with the publication of his first book, Toshi-e (Towards the City), in 1974.

This two-part book set new standards in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship. In a compartment behind the larger volume, Toshi-e, one finds an earlier series in the smaller format volume, Tôkyô-jin; it seems to have provided the basis for the larger book.

Our book, Yutaka Takanashi, Photography 1965–74, presents a representative cross-section of these two pioneering photographic series in 35 full-page illustrations and 6 large format plates. An extensive biography, list of exhibitions and a bibliography round off our newest publication.

The book is available at Only Photography and at It was published on occasion of the Yutaka Takanashi exhibition at Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne.
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The Historical Book Award went to a book on Japanese photography as well:
Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s” by Ryuichi Kaneko and Ivan Vartanian, Aperture 2009.
Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s

And the third  book on Japanese photography was honourably mentioned at the prize-giving ceremony in Arles:
Yutaka Takanashi: Toshi-e (Towards the City)“. Books on Books #6, published by Jeffrey Ladd, Errata Editions 2010.
Yutaka Takanashi. Toshi-e. Books on Books #6


  1. Hi, yesterday I had a quick leaf through Yutaka Takanashi, Photography 1965 – 74, in a photobook store in London. It is a beautiful book to hold. I didn’t buy it though for two reasons one factual, i.e the price (£80!), and the other I made up to curb me from buying it.

    Today though, I did buy a couple of contemporary Japanese (Homma and Sanai) photobooks direct from the publisher online from here –


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