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I didn’t post for a long time, but I will start to post again on Japanese photography from upcoming weekend.

Finally after some years of following the Japanese photography scene from abroad I managed to go back to Japan for almost three weeks at the end of last month.

While it was not the best time to go to Japan – it was very hot and very humid and there wheren’t many interesting exhibitions in the galleries and museums – I was able to meet photographers, curators and gallerists in Tokyo and Osaka. This gave me the opportunity to get a fresh view on the contemporary Japanese photography scene.

Photographer's bar in Golden Gai, Shinjuku/Tokyo
Small photography exhibition in a much smaller bar frequented mostly by photographers (in Golden Gai, Shinjuku/Tokyo). Many photographers keep there their own bootle with their name on it.

In Tokyo I spent a lot of time in book shops for new and rare books and I bought as many photography books (mainly published since 2000) as my credit card permitted :-). The books (ca. 90 kg) are on the way by sea mail and I hope that all parcels will arrive save in September/ October. After having received the books I will introduce the most interesting ones, of which several are/where not available outside Japan.

Anyway, on Sunday I will write my first piece on the situation of photography at Japanese museums which doesn’t seem to be that good at the moment.

[Edit, June 20, 2006]
Recently there was a longer article about the uncertain future of “Golden Gai” where I took the photograph. Daido Moriyama – with whom I had a very nice evening in Golden Gai – was interviewed by the newspaper for the article, since he has been drinking there since decades.
Tokyo Dramatic: Will Golden-gai’s new gilded age last?

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