Rinko Kawauchi: Interview at PingMag/ exhibition in Milan

10 questions to Rinko Kawauchi about photography
Recently I wrote a short notice about Rinko Kawauchi’s latest publication “Rinko Diary“. For those who want to read a little bit more about her work, the online magazine PingMag from Tokyo has an interesting interview with Rinko on occasion of her recent exhibition at Photographer’s Gallery, London.


Rinko Kawauchi, one of Japan’s most popular female photographers today, created a sensation across the contemporary photography world in 2001 when she simultaneously released three critically acclaimed photography books: Utatane, Hanabi and Hanako and won the 27th Kimura Ihei Photography Award. Rinko’s publications have continued to amaze the photography world with three more books: Aila, the eyes the ears and Cuicui. She won not only the hearts of the young generation in Japan, but Rinko Kawauchi is said do be the next upcoming photographer – even in London. Being a great fan of Rinko’s work, I jumped on the opportunity to talk to her during her exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery in London
[Quote: PingMag]

Rinko Kawauchi: The eyes, the ears, 2005 - cover photo

Rinko Kawauchi: “AILA”, “The eyes, the ears”, at Galleria CarlaSozzani, Milan
The best exhibition of Rinko’s work I if have seen yet was in 2005 at Fondation Cartier, Paris. It was a big and very well presented show which featured a large selection of photographs from the AILA series (2004) and from “the eyes, the ears” (2005) as well as a beautiful slide show of “Cui Cui” (2005). This exhibition will be opened in September at Galleria CarlaSozzani in Milan (Sept. 10 – Oct. 29) [the gallery website doesn’t seem to work properly at the moment].


  1. While I found the above mentioned interview in PingMag very interesting, it also received some negative response. But not Rinko Kawauchi was criticised, but the first question by the interviewer:

    Miss Kawauchi, your photos bring me into a world of quiet contemplation, your camera captures the most intricate details of every day life, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and revealing a lyrical rhythm to our daily lives and surroundings. Before I go into your motifs and motivation, may I start by asking you what cameras you use?

    See here:
    World’s worst interview question

    And here:
    Does explanation destroy art?


  2. Hi Ferdinand,

    Well, there are many ways to view the world, feel it and express… I like the way you handled this one.

    I have begun to put images on /elements_2005_pics, which may interest you. Seeing your beautiful blog I have a few coaching questions.



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