Rinko Kawauchi “Rinko Diary”

Rinko Kawauchi, one of my absolute favorite Japanese photographers**, has published a new book this week: Rinko Nikki (Rinko Diary). It’s a small book with Japanese text and some small images. Her notes and most of the photographs are taken from the website of her publisher Foil where she is publishing a diary since 2004.

Rinko Kawauchi: Rinko Nikki (Diary), 2006 (book cover)

**I will write more about her in the near future. For those who don’t know her work I would higly recommend to have a look into her book “Aila”. Currently works from “Aila” are exhibited at Foto Espana festival (until July 23).


Recommended books:
Rinko Kawauchi: Rinko Nikki (Rinko Diary)
Rinko Kawauchi: Aila

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