Tomoko Sawada: Early Works

While I wrote my last post about Tomoko Sawada I became curious about her early works which I haven’t seen yet. Katsuya Ishida the owner of MEM gallery had been so kind to send me three of her early works currently exhibited at his gallery. The early works, done while Sawada was still a student at the Seian College of Art and Design, seem to be more playful than her later conceptual series, but they are already very strong in my opinion.

Tomoko Sawada: «Doll 1», 1996



Tomoko Sawada: «EarlyDays 15», 1997

Tomoko Sawada: «Early Days 26», 1997

PS: For visitors of Osaka MEM gallery is definitely a place to go. IMHO it’s one of the best photo galleries in Kansai


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